Spiritual life blossoms in Killin

main outdoor serviceOne Sunday morning in the merry month of May, as so often happens at this time of year in bonny Scotland, the weather was hot and sunny in Killin with nary a cloud in the sky. The small but faithful congregation of St Fillan's episcopal church had gathered for morning communion, but found that the heat had yet to penetrate the inner sanctum of the church building. Outside the cherry blossom was blooming, and provided a shady spot just outside the church. "Let's hold our service outside!" said Kate Sainsbury, the lay reader. "It will be a true act of witness in the community."

 So, a table and some chairs were moved outside in the sun, and the service took place at the heart of the village with cyclists, walkers, locals and holiday-makers passing by. One of the members said that she had not worshipped outside in this way since her earlier days in Baghdad. What a privilege to worship God out in the open, in the midst of His beautiful and glorious creation, "lifting up our eyes unto the hills"! (See Psalm 121.)

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